Commentary is used to describe blog posts (story) that pass comment on something.

Venting is valuable

Anonymous feedback is great because I get really honest responses. I'm consistently surprised at how impassioned the comments are, but that tells me something about my users. Equally I completely respect their choosing to leave feedback anonymously - when I've had a poor experience on a site I don't want to jump through hoops to tell someone about it, I just want to vent - and that's something that FreeRangeFeedback facilitates, but more than that it helps me derive value from their feedback.

What's it all about? allows website owners to build a better understanding of their customers, by making it easier to gather, manage and analyse their feedback.

Rekindling this blog's embers

Landmark day. FreeRangeFeedback is a becoming a fully ledged commercial service. We've been working on the pricing page which should go live later today. The pricing is based on a the volume of traffic a site attracts, but is strongly geared towards attracting start-up businesses. The premise is that if I'm starting a website, I can put my users at the very centre of whatever I do by deploying FreeRangeFeedback from the very conception of the idea.

Beta launches

After months of work, is online and fielding feedback from users all over the world.