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Who we are, what we mean and what these terms apply to.

What are digital downloads?

We may amend these terms, but registered users will be notified.

Website Services

Operators run websites or surveys, thinkers leave feedback or respond to them.

Operators must be 18.

Prices are in pounds, dollars or euros.

These services are delivered with our best effort. There might be issues, but we’ll work hard to fix them promptly.

Registered Users

Registration is required for operators, but optional for thinkers.

Registered Users must register.

Keep your registered details up to date.

Registered Users - Operators

You agree to pay for paid services.

You are free to terminate, we are free to terminate.

You only pay up to the end of the current billing period.

When discounts expire, you go on to the normal rate.

Site Access

Your browser may cache this site, but the dynamic services won’t work.

If you want to do stuff with our stuff, please ask.

Even if you’re a robot, please ask.

Be nice.

Site Access - Operators

You can download and use our digital downloads.


Kind of obvious, but we can’t accept responsibility for other people’s sites.

Feel free to link to us, but give us the page load.

Intellectual Property Rights

We own our stuff.

You own your stuff, but we/operators can do stuff with it


We’ll do our best but our services are sold as seen.

The extent of our liability is limited.

These terms are governed by UK law.

We will take care of registered users’ private data.

Privacy policy.

Terms and conditions, v2 28th September 2011