Interested in what FreeRangeFeedback can offer your business? Here's a list of our current features, available right now.

Leave feedback on any page

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  • Users can give you feedback with no interruption to their existing user journey
  • Simpler for them, free for you

We help you make it really easy for your users to leave feedback. Our system gives them a box to type their feedback in with just one click. Once they hit return, that feedback is shared with you.

Lots more information to follow.

Leave feedback anywhere on the page

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  • Freedom to comment in the way users want to
  • See where users positioned their comments

Rather than confine them to a set of questions and ratings, FreeRangeFeedback gives users the freedom to talk about what they really care about. If you want to learn something new, ask open questions!

Admin tools for site owners and moderators

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  • See feedback sessions on your pages
  • List of most recent feedback, alphabetic or by date
  • Tools to help you sift through the feedback

As a busy site administrator, you probably don't have much time. We present your feedback simply page-by-page, so you can see what users have said recently.

Private feedback

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  • When a user leaves feedback, only you and they can see it

Clicking 'Feedback' lets a user write directly onto your webpage, but don't panic! They're the only person who can see what they're writing. Your other users are completely unaware that one of their peers is leaving feedback.

If you'd like public feedback, see our soon-to-be-launched sister site freerangeforum.com.

Free for the first 1 million hits

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  • Freerangefeedback is free until your site gets really big
  • No long term contract, not even a short-term contract
  • Turn it on/off when you want

Trying FreeRangeFeedback is very low-risk. You're completely free to turn it off at any point. You're not obligated to carry on using it, but we hope you'll never want to turn it off..

Easy to deploy

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  • As simple as 1-2-3
  • A few lines of javascript and a link empower your users to leave feedback

It's that easy. Just like deploying Google Analytics, you copy-and-paste some javascript code into your site and you log into our site to see the analysis (feedback in this case). You can choose to only receive feedback on selective pages if you want, though we recommend embedding the link in your site template, so that users get the freedom to leave feedback on any page.

Feedback in context

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  • See what your users were seeing when they fed back

Sometimes feedback can seem a bit dry and it's hard to understand why. We present your users' feedback in the context in which they left it. If that had a problem with a page, you can see the page they were talking about. If they refer to a broken link, the feedback's right there next to the link.