Leaving feedback

The process of leaving feedback is simple. Clicking the Feedback link opens a comment on the page, with a textbox for you to type your feedback into.

This gives the comment a title, but there's a lot more you can do with it.

Click and drag the titlebar or the body of the comment to move it around the page.

Adding posts
Click the 'Add' button to leave more detailed feedback. These posts can be added or deleted at any point.

Click the arrow in the top left of the comment to turn it into a pointer. This temporarily hides the posts, the detail of your comment. Clicking that arrow again expands the comment, showing all the posts.

Click and drag the resize icon in the bottom right hand corner of your comment. This allows you to control the size of the comment. If you make the comment smaller than the text of the posts, a scrollbar will appear on the right hand side.

Everytime you do something to a comment, your changes are saved automatically. There's no need to click a Save button.