How it works uses the WITO Feedback engine. This section explains how the WITO engine works using a set of characters to play the different roles:

  • Damien, the developer
    Damien is deploying Feedback links on his new website to find out what Bill thinks.
  • Bill, the browser
    Bill is a typical user who wants to leave feedback as part of the site review process.

Damien goes to, registers for an account and creates a site/domain just for this project. He takes cut-and-pastes the code into his site template, allowing users to leave feedback on any page in the site.

When Bill goes to the site, his browser loads Damien's code. It also loads a script from That script then executes and works some magic on the page:

  • It adds a comment container after all the HTML (just before the </body> tag).
  • It fires an Asynchronous Javascript and JSON (AJAJ, a variant on AJAX) request back to to fetch some style sheets and information about any comments previous left by this user on this page.
  • When Bill clicks Feedback, it appends a comment (essentially a nested div structure, absolute positioned) to the comment container.
  • When Bill does anything to that comment (move, retitle, add post etc.), it fires an AJAJ request back to to remember it.

When Damien logs into

  • Drupal sets a session cookie in his browser. That cookie is also used by WITO to give Damien permission to see all the comments on each page, not just the ones he left.