Venting is valuable

Anonymous feedback is great because I get really honest responses. I'm consistently surprised at how impassioned the comments are, but that tells me something about my users. Equally I completely respect their choosing to leave feedback anonymously - when I've had a poor experience on a site I don't want to jump through hoops to tell someone about it, I just want to vent - and that's something that FreeRangeFeedback facilitates, but more than that it helps me derive value from their feedback.

To get the most out of that feedback, I need to understand what happened for that user. I need to grasp what experience they had to best contextualise their comment. Capturing user experience data is hard due to the volume of data we create as users in every single page view. What we really want to do is just capture the user journey for each person who leaves feedback. Equally, we have to consider the user's privacy, so all that information should only be collected anonymously and with their permission. I'd captured this in a feature request.