Beta launches

After months of work, is online and fielding feedback from users all over the world.

Early take up has been much sharper than I expected (as has the feedback!) but the servers are working at only a fraction of their capacity.

I've been spending my time implementing new features and bug fixes alike as comments have come in. Well, that and watching the stats page to see how many users/domains/comments are passing through - all very exciting.

Any ideas I had that the thorough preparation the team and I did before launching the site might have made for a smooth launch went out the window. On our first day feedback left on the front page got partly hidden by the stretchy flash animations (my bad)! Ahh, the joys of running a web service instead of just developing them for external clients.

And it doesn't stop there. If you've got something to say about this site, this page, or even this post, hit the feedback button and stick a comment right here. I'm really committed to permanent revolution when it comes to this project. Enjoy it as it is, feedback to make it the way you want it!